We are the first and early retailer in Chennai to introduce unique mosquito net. Operative since 2009, we are now one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of unique fold-able and light weight Mosquito Net in Chennai. We have cemented our place as one of the preferred and reliable retailer in selling mosquito bed net in Chennai.

We are continuously improving the quality of the bed net and finding better solutions to prevent mosquito bites. For Eg. We have introduced bed net with anti bite cloth. For more information on anti bite mosquito bed net, please visit their respective product page.

How do we work?

If you would like to purchase our mosquito net in chennai, just call us at 89393-87749. We will deliver the mosquito net at your door step. If you have any queries about the bed size and the bed net, we will clarify it, before you make a purchase decision. Our customer service executive will come to your place to deliver the mosquito net and he will demonstrate the functions and the features of the mosquito bed  net.