Scientists have proof that Mosquitoes have been living on the planet earth during cretaceous period. Mosquito is the most annoying animal and spread diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria. Millions die because of Malaria all over the world. 

The most simple and healthy way, to avoid itchy mosquito bite and mosquito borne disease is using a mosquito net over the bed. Use of the Mosquito Net term dated back to 18th century and experts believe its existence even during Egyptian civilization. It is nearly impossible to eradicate mosquitoes, its here on the earth since dinosaurs and will continue to live strong. So, the only way to be away from mosquitoes is by the habitual use of mosquito net.

Mosquito net is a best alternative to chemical filled mosquito repellents, mosquito coils and other sprays. There are different type of mosquito nets, the most popular one is conventional mosquito net. Though a Conventional mosquito net prevent mosquito bites, one may face problem in tying or fixing the net regularly using a rope and hook.

Fold-able mosquito net is a substitute to the conventional mosquito net. Unlike conventional mosquito net, fold-able mosquito net put off the tying and fixing efforts. Fold-able mosquito nets are unique and designed aesthetically to give overall protection against mosquitoes. Folding mosquito net is very light in weight and portable.

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Price List:

 Size in Feet
Length x Breadth
Poly Cotton 
Premium Quality
Premium PolyesterPolyester

Single Bed Cot
6 x 3
6 x 4
6¼ x 3
6¼ x 4
6½ x 3
6½ x 4

Out Of Stock

 Rs 1500

Double Bed - Queen Size
6 x 56¼ x 5 6½ x 5

   Rs 2050   

Rs 1700
Rs 1190
King Size/Super King Size
6x66¼x 66½x6 7x6

 Rs 2150 

 Rs 1900
Rs 1290
Double Bed - Queen Size
With Anti Bite layer
   Out Of Stock --------- 
King Size/Super King Size
With Anti Bite Layer
   Out OF Stock        Rs 1900 


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